Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tattoo Trends Are Not Always the Best Route to Go

When it comes to getting a tattoo one of the hardest decisions to make besides deciding to get the tattoo is what tattoo design to get and where on your body you should get it at. These are all very important decisions that one should make. However, it is best to stay away from tattoo trends because you have a very high probability that your tattoo design that was once popular will not look so great a few years down the road. After all trends or fads fade out of style all the time. The best piece of advise is just to simply stay away from tattoo trends, unless it is something that you truly want and can live with forever.
For instance in the late 1990's is was very popular for men and women to get a barbwire tattooed around their bicep, ankle or wrist. Now that nearly a decade has past, those people who have gotten one of those barbwire tattoos are probably thinking, "Why did I get this tattooed on me?"
On the flip side there are some tattoo trends that are endless and will never go out of style. Take the very popular and feminine butterfly. A butterfly is the number one tattoo that women ask for. The great thing about butterflies is that there are so many different, designs, shapes, sizes, and colors that one can choose from to make it their own. So the likelihood of two people having the same butterfly tattoo are pretty slim to none, unless it was done on purpose of course.

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