Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tribal Tatoo, why ???

The art of tattoos, or dermal pigmentation, has been around for quite some time. The actual art began some 5000 years ago. The reasons why or how it began remain as mysterious as what some of the designs actually meant. Ones status among the others in his tribe seems to be a good reason. It seems that the more elaborate the tattoo, the higher up in the leadership of his tribe he was. (I use he [male] because the men in ancient times were the only leaders. Women's suffrage had not yet been thought of) these men consisted of the warriors of the tribes.
The warriors carried a lot of weight in decisions because they are the ones who defended the tribe against all enemies. Stories of the tattoos can still been seen today with some of the uncivilized tribes of South America and Polynesia. Pictures of these tribes that are known to exist date back to the mid to late 1800's. Hand written accounts exist from the early travel of man in his quest to explore the world. Columbus himself described many of these tribal tattoos

So, how did those tattoos get to be what they are today? Well, that is simple. Have you ever seen how big the older ones are? Can you imagine having your entire right arm a tribal tattoo? Don't get me wrong, I have seen them. But, I think there is any overwhelming urge to get the tattoo but with a scaled down attitude. I imagine that this is so that when you go to a job interview or meet your future mother and father in law, you are not shunned.
So how many tribal tattoos are there? Well, they are endless. That basically means that only your imagination can limit how many. The ones at the tattoo shops, well, he is limited to what he can afford to buy. Usually, these shops have around a hundred. The best bet is to get online, like you are now and look up some on your own.
The best advice I can give someone, get the one you want. Don't let these guys doing the ink tell you what you want. These things can't be washed off and they are not cheep. Pick a clean place. These guys that use old needles and do it in the garage should go to jail. They could be passing on nasty things like AIDS, Hepatitis or some other nasty thing I am sure you don't want.
The art of tattooing has come a long way since the days of picking up a dirty animal bone, dipping in to weird plant substance, and then having it stabbed into you arm, face, leg or other parts. There are a lot of good place to go to get tattooed. Just look for them and then visit a couple of times before you decide to use their services. Ask people about the place. Trust me, if this place is bad, they will tell you. And before you go there and get it done, know what you are going to get. This is most important. It is your body, you make the choice, NOT THEM!

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