Monday, October 17, 2011

Tattoos for Girls " Location Is Equally As Important As Design "

A great tattoo on a girl could all be for nothing if the location is not equally as good. Looking at your body, the possibilities are endless. But do not make the mistake of getting an awesome ink job in the wrong spot. Here are a few cute tattoo ideas for girls.
It has been done for years and is still very popular, but if done right, a lower back tattoo is still a very cute tattoo idea for girls. As mentioned, the "tramp stamp," as a lot of people call it, has been done a lot. But it no longer holds the stigma it once did. It can be a good option for girls looking to get a new tattoo.
Another awesome place for girls to get tattoos is in the inner wrist area. Though it is definitely in a more exposed area, it can still be very cute for girls. However, the actual design of the tattoo can be a pretty crucial part to this location, so make sure it is something you are okay with the whole world seeing.
I have heard the rib cage area is one of the most painful parts of the body to get inked, but if you can deal with the pain, it can prove to be a very ideal location for girls. It can serve the wearer in two ways. One, unless you are in a bathing suit, it will be covered to the general public. This allows you to get something a little bit more private. And second it is in a slightly erotic area. It can be a cool surprise for someone not expecting it.

Another cute tattoo idea for girls is getting inked on the toes. Again this allows you to cover up your tattoo and keep it private. But when you wear open toed shoes or go barefoot it looks really cool. It is a small area obviously, so make sure your design is not something that requires in-depth detail. Otherwise you run the risk of getting what looks like nothing more than a colored blob on your toe.
If worse comes to worse, you can always search online for cute tattoo ideas for girls. The internet is a huge resource anyone can use to help aid them in their tattoo decisions.
Lastly, make sure that the tattoo you are getting and where you are getting it is what you really want. You don't want to wake up in five years and realize you made a huge mistake with your ink job.

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