Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tattoo Designs to Choose From

What kind of tattoo designs are there and what kind of tattoo should you get? Well, it depends on your personality and what type of design ''speaks'' to you. Here are three different design ideas to think about:
1. Tribal. There are many tribal tattoo designs out there, and you either love them or hate them. Due to the overabundance of tribal tattoo designs, some people have felt that they've become too much of a trend. But tribal tattoo designs do have meaning behind them, and if you are attracted to that type of tat then you can research, find the right design or symbolism you're looking for.
2. Object Tattoos: Star, Sun, Heart. These tattoo designs range from old school to more modern looking. Despite the seemingly simple nature of getting an object tattoo like a star or sun, many actually hold not only a lot of meaning, but also a lot of history. A star tattoo design for instance was first worn by sailors as a symbol of guidance and strength (the nautical star).
3. Custom: Photo, Sketch, Unique. A custom tattoo design can consist of everything from a photograph to simply a cool and unique design which is rarely seen. While these can guarantee ''originality'' they may not always transfer over to a good looking tattoo.

The original tribal or object tattoo's have stood the test of time for a reason: they tattoo good and usually have some universal meaning behind them. But if one is looking for more personal meaning, a custom tattoo could be the right choice.

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