Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lower Back Tattoo Designs, Chain Tattoos, and Other Regrets

Tattoos have been increasingly popular in the last ten years. People have been jumping on the bandwagon left and right. And the results are sometimes obvious - some of these guys and gals should have NEVER considered getting inked as their decision was based on something very temporary and superficial.
Here is one very important question to ask, and the reason why you should NOT get a tattoo:
Are you following a TREND?
If you are just jumping on a bandwagon trend and think it will be cool and trendy to get a tattoo then you really should reconsider. Trends always end. And with a trendy tattoo design they can end very badly. Unlike old clothes, you can't just get rid of tattoos that easily.
Tattoos are here for the long run, and hence shouldn't be based on the trendy style of the moment. Look at all the girls who have gotten the infamous "lower back tattoo design". That style got so played out that now those tattoos are referred to as "tramp stamps".
How about the all the guys that got the infamous chain tattoos around their biceps? That trend died and now there are a lot of regretful biceps walking around out there.
There are other examples beyond the lower back tattoo design and the chain tattoos. Trendy tats can also be name tattoos. There is a ridiculous tattoo photo out there of a guy with dozens of 80's band names inked on his back. Poison, Warrant, he has them all. He likely thought that these bands were going to rock out forever and maintain their popularity throughout music history. Oops.

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