Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Henna Tattoo Design - Today's Choice of Tattoo

Henna tattoo is one of the ancient practices of the people from the Middle East Asian countries that was passed on from generation to generation and evolved to today's modern genre of body painting and artistic expression. People back then, especially the women wear different designs. It was a tradition for weddings and festivities. When celebrities like Madonna and Demi Moore started it, during the late 80's that it became so popular and then, later it became a fashion rage not just in Great Britain and United States but all throughout the world.
Before henna tattooing became so popular there were ink tattoos or the permanent tattoos. It was common to teens and performers like rock stars, actors, models and artists at that time somewhere in the late 70's to early 80's. However, ink tattoos are permanent and painful so, it takes a lot of courage to do have it. Are you ready to take the risk and endure and process and accept the idea of a lifetime self branding? If not, then you're not in.

As time moves on, things change so is fashion and trends and that does not exclude tattoos. Since ink tattoos are permanent, you will have to live with it long after the designs after other designs are no longer fashionable and because it was a fashion that time, people end up having too many tattoos instead. Later, it was found out that there is health risk on using ink for tattoos. It was then that henna tattoo came in and took the place. Although, there are still people who would prefer to have ink over henna. Well, everyone is entitled of their own opinion but, the world knows the risk of ink tattoos and that henna tattoo is the best alternative.
Henna tattoo has now become the fashion. Actress and singers like Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson just had their new tattoos a couple of weeks ago along with famous stars like Britney Spears, Pink, Lady Gaga, Shakira and even Angelina Jolie who is so into ink tattoo now is into it as well. It was like a fashion accessory for them that they wear to compliment their outfits and it indeed looks good. Every time I open up and read an US and People's magazine, I always see some celebrities displaying their new henna tattoo design. They loved it, from teens to adults and even older adults and kids as well.
What makes henna way better than ink for tattoos is the fact that it is safer. It is made from organic materials like menhdi leaves or much known as henna, eucalyptus, lavender or olive oil, black coffee or tea liquid. For natural henna there are no synthetics or chemicals added, although like today people would want to have color variation so, they add certain chemical components to alter the henna's color. However, studies have proved that it can cause minor skin irritations for those who may have certain allergies but other than that, it is safe.
Unlike ink tattoos, henna is not injected. Naturally, there will be no pain and discomfort like ink where etching on the skin can be very painful and excruciating. Since henna tattoo is made from organic materials so it is relatively cheaper. No needles are used so there is no health risk at all except minor irritation for a very few who may have allergies. But what makes henna tattoo much preferred by many tattoo enthusiasts is the fact that it is temporary. Henna paste leaves a stain of dark brown or red orange on the skin. When the skin sheds off the dead skin cells the hennaed skin wears off as well and fades away. Henna tattoo when done properly may last for 4 to 6 weeks. Just enough time before another henna tattoo design comes in or before it becomes unfashionable.

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