Friday, October 14, 2011

Hebrew Tattoo Ideas

The Hebrew tattoo trend is in full bloom and people around the world are looking for the perfect combination of exotic, unique and meaningful, for their tattoo. The most popular current trends are a good place to start the search.
So what are the most popular Hebrew Tattoo trends?
1. A name - The idea of tattooing your name or that of a loved one is gaining popularity. Some prefer getting, if possible, the Hebrew origin of the name thus making their tattoo even more uncommon.
2. One Word - Another trend of is that of putting empowering words in Hebrew: love, strength, unity and grace are a few examples. Some choose a couple of empowering words to place side by side.
3. "I am for my beloved and my beloved is for me" - Following the Beckhams, many people choose to get a similar or an even exact copy of the famous tattoo. The most popular request is for a vertical tattoo to be placed down the spine.
4. "Live Laugh Love" - Although many people choose this Hebrew tattoo, there are still a couple of decisions to make the will make this tattoo unique. Some choose the longer phrase, that says "Live well, laugh often, love much", while others choose to address the phrase to a single person, as speaking to themselves. This option is not available in English buy in Hebrew it adds another layer of personal touch to the tattoo.

5.Bible Verses - Although Bible verses are quite common with Hebrew tattoos, most people find a phrase that they relate to. Some tattoo an entire Bible verse, others a part of it and some go with the reference alone.
The range of possibilities is endless, and with a professional design you are guaranteed to get a tattoo that is unique and beautiful.

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