Monday, October 17, 2011

First Tattoo Mistakes "What Designs You Should Avoid For Your First Tattoo Design"

If you are getting a tattoo for the first time, there are a lot of things to consider. Where to put it, how big, and most importantly what kind of tattoo design to get inked on. Many people have regrets over their first tattoo. Usually it's because they chose the WRONG tattoo design.
So what kind of designs should you AVOID for a first tattoo?
Check it out:
1. Tribal design. For a first tattoo, tribal is a poor choice. If you are into tattoos for the long run, then there will be plenty of time to get into tribal. But going full throttle your first time out can be regretful. Tribal usually requires a lot of skin area to cover, so you automatically eliminate this area for any future ink ideas you may have that would've looked great in the now tribaled up area.
There is also the issue of falling for the trendy factor for your first tattoo. This is what happened a decade ago. Everyone and their brother got these huge tribal designs their first time out because tribal was the "in" thing at the time. Now it's been played out and deemed ridiculous in many circles, and men and women wish they would've have chosen something else as a first ink choice.

2. Drunk design. These refer to tattoo designs which are chosen while drunk. Often times these are cartoon characters or other regretful designs. Almost always these designs as first tattoos are regretful decisions, and people seek cover up options later on in life. Now, if you want to set aside an area of your body for a spontaneous drunk design in the future after you have a few tats under your belt, then fine. But don't make it your first ink choice.
3. Mural design. While it is true that many people regret their first tattoo as being "too small", and they wish they would have been braver to go bigger, you still should not consider an enormous mural type design as your first ink choice. This has been the trend lately. Men and women mapping out these complicated, convoluted, complex mural type designs which cover half their back.
  • You should "earn your ink" by getting smaller designs first, and then working your way up to larger designs. The reason for this is, first of all you are not used to the pain yet, and getting a huge mural design is going to be excruciating painful for a "newbie".
  • Second of all, you don't have any sense of what ink is going to look like on your body, and how you are going to mentally feel about it weeks and months later. Some people are totally convinced in getting a tattoo, yet months later they suddenly don't like the idea and despise their design and decision.
Live with a few smaller tattoos first to make sure you'll be cool with yourself in going mural. Earn your way to bigger designs, rather than being tacky and jumping the gun all at once.

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