Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Best Designs and Where to Find Them

The tattoo trend has bit the fashion-conscious people big time and the girls are not an exception either. Initially when the tattooing business started picking up pace, the girls were a bit hesitant to get one for them. Only boys and men and some rebellious and eccentric looking girls used to have a tattoo on their body.
But now girls too sport a tattoo design on their body and they feel that it makes them look very fashionable and trendy. Though the tattoos initially were used to recognize a community, it became more common and socially acceptable as lot of celebrities and household names started publicly sporting one and most of them were women too. The women were mostly models, pop artists, athletes, etc. Tattoos for girls are available in different shapes and designs and we would look at some of them in this article.
Girls look for more feminism in their tattoos. They want it to be more girly and sleek. So the following are some of the most popular tattoos for girls.
1. Butterfly design: The butterfly is something which every girl almost loves. It is mainly because of its shape, its beauty and the wide range of colors that the butterfly has on its body. Therefore, butterflies are very popular designs for tattoos for girls.

2. Flower designs: Just like butterflies, girls love flowers too. Girls think that they can be mesmerized by the beauty of a flower because it is so rich and vibrant in its colors and the pleasant feeling it gives is something no other object could ever give. And that is why flower designs are very commonly used in tattoos for girls.
3. Star designs: Girls like things which are heavenly like the moon and the stars. They basically like anything that they see in the sky during nights. And getting that item from the sky engraved in a form of a tattoo is something that they would really not mind and would appreciate.
4. Fairy designs: A fairy is considered a beautiful girl from the heaven. When these girls get one of those fairy tattoos on their bodies, they feel very beautiful and confident.
5. Dolphin designs: Dolphins are considered to be one of the most beautiful fishes on earth and they are very popular among girls. Girls just love dolphins and they would not mind to have one dolphin picture on their body if they could.
6. Heart designs: Girls are very emotional when compared to boys. They are more emotional and sensitive and they do most of their things from their heart. They love falling in love, loving people and getting loved. Heart symbolizes that love and that is why they love to have heart designs on their body.

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