Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Temporar Tattoos For Kids

Tatumi toys are the perfect toys for creative and artistic girls. These toys provide the "blank canvasses" in the forms of dolls and other accessories; provide the cute, colorful and edgy designs in the forms of temporary tattoos; and they also have the tools needed to have these great designs put on the canvasses.
Kids can really build up their talent in art and design with the Tatumi toys. Kids can choose different packs to have as their canvasses. From collectible figurines or accessory kits, they will have a lot of options to choose from. There are also over 50 tattoo stickers that come with each package.
And there are also additional tattoo stickers that they can buy if they would want more designs to choose from. The tattoo stickers also come in different themes, the Sporty Girl and Rock Diva to name a few. So they can mix and match different designs according to their liking.
Easy to use
The great thing about the Tatumi toys is that is very easy to use. You just have to place the tattoo sheet that has the design that you want onto the surface of the thing that you would want to decorate. Then you just have to use the applicator to let it stick.

Just wet the applicator's wand and just like you are ironing a shirt, apply the wand on to the tattoo sheet. Then just peel off the sheet. You'll see that the design would stick and you now have a well-decorated stuff with you.
Cute collectible figurines and accessories
The collectible figurine that comes with the package is a toy in itself. They are so cute and would be great to play with or to put up in your room. They have a cute cat, puppy and rabbit figurine and cute little dolls with cute outfits. The dolls are inspired by the Japanese style of Harajuku. The accessories are also really nice. They have headbands, necklaces and other trinkets.
You can put the tattoo stickers on all these. If you would want to have a different design on them, you just have to wash off the tattoos, then you can design them all over again.
The temporary tattoos also stick on bags, purses, even on your nail and your skin. The tattoos are cosmetic grade testing approved so it will be safe to be applied on the skin.

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