Thursday, November 17, 2011

Angel wings Tattoo

The art of tattooing has become quite popular nowadays. People get tattoos for several reasons such as self expression, spiritual reasons, or simply for ornamentation. One of the most popular designs with both men and women is the angel wings tattoo designs. The angel tattoo design is said to represent protection, spirituality, peace, and guardianship.
If you are a woman and you wish to have angel wings tattoo designs, it symbolizes your search for purity within your soul. It could also mean that you give utter importance to your self-confidence which you believe plays a big part in terms of beauty and protection.
On the other hand, if you are a man getting this kind of tattoo, it usually symbolizes your fondness for women. It usually expresses your love and respect and your willingness to protect the women in your life. This design is incredibly popular with men who are madly in love.
Instead of getting angels tattooed on their bodies, more and more people are going with the trend of having angel wings tattoo on their backs. The wings that you choose depend on your personality. You can choose the size and style of the wings. You can opt for large wings that span your whole back area or simply small ones that only take up your upper back.

Angels also represent triumph of good over evil, and if you are looking for a tattoo design that will represent your love for good and your willingness to protect and guard, angel wings tattoo designs are definitely right for you.

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