Friday, November 11, 2011

Tattoos and the Corporate Hiring Trend

The corporate world seems to be loosening up the tie on its opinion of tattoos, but will white collar America ever loosen up enough to encompass the ever growing popularity of tattoos and their ink? There might not be a choice.
Tattoos and body art are becoming increasingly popular among the masses. Its not surprising to learn the percentage of tattooed prospective employee candidates is also on the rise. The fondness for this colorful freedom of expression isn't necessarily felt across the board and especially is not recognized or appreciated in the boardroom. Although more and more qualified applicants are decorated with body art it is not necessarily considered appropriate or attractive business attire for an interview or for those daily business meetings.
But what you may find surprising to learn is many corporations currently do not have a dress code policy in place specifically about tattoos and body piercings. So even though considered unprofessional attire at many work environments they are technically not breaking the written etiquette rules of most corporate handbooks. You'll also find an increasing number of businesses adjusting their policies as "tattooees" come on board. Forcing many tattooed individuals to cover or hide their tattoo, often with a cover-up or a band aid. The corporate policies currently in place about employee appearances consider the impact it has on customers and on other business coworkers. So as tattoos and body piercings become even more mainstream undoubtedly we will experience a trend with corporate human resources keeping a watchful eye on global culture changes, and revisions of practices and policies to keep pace with the body art trend.
Tattoos and the Corporate Hiring Trend

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