Saturday, November 12, 2011

lotus flower tattoo

lotus flower tattoo:
Gone are the days when people thought that Tattoos were for punks and street fighters. Tattoos are now a perfect style statement and adds to your personality. Did you know that women love men with tattoos. They tend to think that they are male. and women when it comes to tattoos, to the right place, if they prove to be sexy. Think Angelina Jolie, Her tattoo under her navel just give you a sexy tingle down there
Lotus tattoo designs are the most popular of all plant choices. They are beautiful as a stand alone tattoo, or can be combined with other East Asian images, ie, they look great with koi fish.
In addition to their beauty, the main reason why people choose lotus flower tattoos because of their rich meaning. Lotus flowers are found in the water. They germinate in the bottom of a pond - in the muck and mud - and grow toward the surface and the light. When they come to the surface, they flourish. Christ tattoo enthusiast Ryerson (2005) believe that the lotus flower is a metaphor for life in general, and "are also popular for people who have gone through a hard time and are now coming out. "Lotus flowers are seen as the perfection of beauty and as a symbol of spiritual growth (ie from the mucus and the sun). There are many kinds of lotus flowers, and they are often equated with similar flowers like the lily. The is often confused with the blue water lily. Lotus flowers are generally depicted as having a pad-like base with maximum reaching petals. tendrils often arise from the center.

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