Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Scorpion inspiredTattoo

Life gets boring for some. Doing the same old routines again and again every single day and looking the same and like everyone else all the time. Are you one of these people? Well, do not worry if you are as your problems will be solved today! Why not try getting a tattoo to change your boring and colorless life? What is a tattoo you may ask? Well, a tattoo is basically a design embedded on a person or animal's skin. They can range from being very small and simple to as large as the body with complex ideas. A tattoo procedure includes mixing the colors of choice, very sharp and pointed needles, a good design, a master tattoo artist, and of course, a willing soul - you!
The needle with the color is repeatedly inserted into the skin until the dermis or inner layer is reached by the needle. This then causes a permanent color embedded on your skin that would stay and not go away for years depending on care. Do take note however that some tattoos used with low-quality indelible ink may have a possibility of fading overtime.

Probably, one of the most in-demand tattoos of the century is the ever present scorpion tattoos. This type of animal tattoo gained its popularity way back in the ancient times where the scorpion symbolized power, authority, and masculinity. Originally, tattoos with scorpions were given to the male members of the tribe to help signify their strength and masculinity. This is because the scorpion is linked to the male sexuality before. Nowadays, modern society has caught up and a trend is seen in female tattoo enthusiasts to have one if not more tattoos with the scorpion as the sole focus.
Men that have scorpion tattoos on their body are said to be very macho and "strong" this can be true because most men that get this kind of design have big, large, and buff body. You would not want to get in a fight with them just like how you would avoid a contact with a scorpion. A scorpion's tail can sting and cause a lot of pain and so does the procedure of tattooing it into your skin. Due to the scorpion's intricate make-up and complex body, tattoo artists have labeled this animal as one of the most difficult to do. You have to have a really steady hand, a good understanding of the animal, and of course talent for the art. Female tattoo enthusiasts are slowly getting hooked to this design because they say that the scorpion empowers and ignites their inner sexuality, helping them to have more confidence and self-assurance.
Now, are you the type of person to get a tattoo design inspired by a very powerful animal? Yes, the scorpion is a small one but it is filled with so much power that you can be drowned in it so to speak. Scorpion inspired tattoo can represent you full but it can also ruin your reputation. The choice is yours. Always keep in mind that a tattoo is permanent and will most likely be with you for life so make sure that the tattoo design you are about to get is what you truly want.

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