Monday, November 21, 2011

Elephant Tattoo

a tattoo enthusiast may also choose an elephant tattoo in reference to the animal's characteristics. For example, when an elephant dies, other elephants will remain beside the body for a few days as though in mourning. For some, this could be a representation of loyalty. Longevity and fidelity are also other characteristics associated with the elephant that may be used by tattoo enthusiasts when looking for the next best ink.
With elephant tattoos not as popular as other animal designs, women can be less inclined to use this particular pattern. After all, there are very few signs that suggest a feminine side to the strong and powerful beast. Males are more welcoming with this pattern because of the masculine connotation to the symbol. Since elephants are normally large in size, you will often find these tattoo designs encompassing a wide expanse of skin. Two of the most common locations for elephant tattoo include the arms and the back. However, if a good tattoo artist is capable of downsizing the symbol without lessening its quality, then you may have it inked on your wrist or ankle.

Unusual choices for a tattoo, those who choose to brandish an elephant design usually do so because of their attachment to the interpretations of the animal. Mostly, decisions leading to an elephant tattoo are based on logical, spiritual and personal reasons that go beyond its aesthetic value. For those who are contemplating using this design, then it might be best to research all the meanings that attach themselves to the elephant. Try to remember that tattoos last a long time and you must be entirely sure of your choice before proceeding.

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