Monday, November 21, 2011

Animal Fox Tattoo

One of the remarkable phenomenons observed during recent years involves use of a tattoo for various purposes. For instance, if you are interested in a tattoo because of religious symbolism, you can opt for tattoo crosses. Also, you will find bible tattoo designs that will have strong religious theme. Similarly, use of animal fox tattoo is considered to be age-old. There was a reason why more and more people resorted to having this particular tattoo. It is widely said, by etching an image of a particular animal on your skin, you can increase chances of getting those characteristics imbibed into your personality. Therefore, you can witness other animal tattoo such as serpents, eagles, lions, tigers, falcons and foxes, etc. are in great demand.
Worldwide research scientists believe, though a fox isn't considered to be overtly physically powerful animal, yet this was one of the most sought-after symbols that were in rampant use. Actually, a fox is known to be a cunning and clever animal. History has it, ancient men and tribal men always regarded a fox endowed with higher quality of intelligence.

Among popular animal tattoos fox, it would include, Bat tattoos, Bear tattoos, Buffalo Tattoos/Bison tattoos, Elephant tattoos, Horse tattoos, Lion tattoos (includes Puma, Cougar, Mountain Lion), Cat tattoos (domestic), Deer tattoos, Dog tattoos, (domestic), Leopard tattoos (includes Panther, Cheetah, Jaguar,) Monkey tattoos, Tiger tattoos, Wolf tattoos (includes Coyote, Fox), etc.
Have you ever given it a close thought why marketing experts take help of images of animal to promote their products like perfumes, cologne, clothing, etc? The logic behind this practice is very simple to understand. Use of these images will mean, it can bring out the animal in you! If you delve deeper into history records, you will come to know, use of animal images, designs, stories, etc. were in great use. For instance, there is reference of Egyptian gods making use of head of a jackal or body of a lion. Again, you can find some European stories that talk about werewolves and vampires.
It is popularly believed, having animal tattoo designs helps in demonstrating our connections to various forms of spirits of the fine beasts that literally defines our personalities. This actually helps in symbolizing our instincts and innate nature.
If you are looking for fox animal tattoos, you must know one interesting fact surrounding it. In the medieval period, it was believed that these foxes were a true accomplice of the witches. That was a reason why people would often get busy with fox hunting expeditions with an intention to kill them. This was exclusively done to protect men from evil. In a sense, the objective wasn't to derive thrill from this hunting experience but to make sure surrounding environment was free from evil spirits. This protective stance in early ancient people became the genesis of modern men preferring this tattoo.

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