Friday, September 9, 2011

Most Popular Man Star Tattoos Designs

So you’ve finally decided that star tattoos for men is the kind of design you want. But what does a star symbolize? Are there different kinds of designs available or just the five-pointed star that we’re so used in drawing as a child? Learn more about star tattoos for men through this quick list of designs
As these twinkling objects in the sky light up a dark and heavy night, they also symbolize a certain light in time of darkness in our lives. It represents the divine shining through each and everyone of us. They are a symbols of hope and truth. And since it basically comes out particularly at night, the essence of stars represents a struggle during a time of darkness and overcoming this period.
The meaning of a certain this design depends mainly on the number of points and sometimes the shape of its tips. Three of the most popular star designs are the Pentagram or the five-pointed star , the Nautical Star and the Hexagram or also known as the Star of David or the six-pointed star .

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