Thursday, September 15, 2011

Amazing Dragon Tattoo Designs.

Dragon Tattoo Designs
Dragons have captivated the imagination of humans for thousands of years. The dragon is a mythical creature with a reptilian like appearance that is known for breathing fire, abducting princesses, guarding treasure, and fighting off knights. The dragon also can be a magnificent creature and makes for some amazing dragon tattoo designs.
Dragon tattoos are amongst the most popular tattoo designs today across the world. In the Asian cultures, the dragon is seen as a friend to humans. It is a protector and has powers to heal. The Asian image of dragons, known as the Eastern dragons, is usually depicted with a flat, smiling face and a serpent like body.
The Eastern dragon tattoo designs are usually very detailed. They are typically red, but can really be in color. They have an oriental look about them. It is thought that some of the earliest tattoo designs were of Eastern dragons.
The Western dragons are thought of much differently than their Eastern brethren. Western dragons are known as creatures that cause harm to humans. They can fly and breathe fire. In stories and tales, they are considered evil but always have a mystic aura surrounding them.
Western dragon tattoo designs appear more reptile like. They have scales, razor sharp teeth, and usually have wings. They are usually depicted as very beautiful creatures, however.
The Eastern dragon is a very popular tattoo design for those into martial arts, or who have interest in Asian culture. The Western dragon is chosen by those who grew up enjoying the Western tales about dragons breathing fire, or by people who are fascinated by these creatures.
Whatever your reason is for getting a dragon tattoo, Western or Eastern, dragons make for some amazing tattoo designs.
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Dragon Tattoos Dragon Tattoo
Dragon Tattoo Dragon Tattoo
Dragon Tattoo Dragon Tattoo
Dragon Tattoo Dragon Tattoo
Dragon Tattoo Dragon Tattoo
Dragon Tattoo Dragon Tattoo
Dragon Tattoo Dragon Tattoo

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