Saturday, September 24, 2011

Latest Temporary Tattoos Ideas For Girls And Boys

A temporary tattoo is a great alternative for those who don’t quite have the stomach for the real thing. One of the many benefits of temporary tattoos is that they don’t require any needles, and therefore don’t require
This fact makes them a rather attractive option for many. If you have an aversion to intentionally inflicting pain and suffering, then one of several temporary tattoo options may be right for you.
Decals are the most prevalent and the least expensive of the temporary body art options. You can find these everywhere from gum ball machines to Cracker Jack boxes. Fast and easy to apply, these tattoos usually last for several days, but can be scrubbed off sooner if you wish.
The decal is located upside down on a thin piece of cardboard, and then placed on the skin . Wetting the cardboard transfers the decal from the cardboard strip onto your skin .
When you remove the cardboard, the decal left behind appears right side up. The process is very simple, painless , and takes about 30 seconds.

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