Monday, September 12, 2011

Celtic Cross Tattoo

Tattoos of Crosses  Know About Tattoos of Crosses There are several tattoos of crosses but do you know where they originated from. If no, then read this article to understand the different cross symbols that led to the emergence of several cross tattoo designs.
When you think of a cross the first thing that flashes your mind is religion and Christ. Crosses have been used as symbols since before Christianity. These symbols have been reinvented many times but are always associated with religion. Hence, even tattoos of crosses are being preferred by many who wish to display their religious beliefs through an art form.
Just like other tattoos, tattoos of crosses can also be presented in different manners. This flexibility and versatility has made cross tattoos highly popular among scores of tattoo enthusiasts. There are several patterns that are very appealing and yet distinct in their own way. Some of the most sought-after cross tattoos are Celtic cross tattoos, tribal cross tattoos and Gothic cross tattoos.
Tattoos of Crosses are Inspired From
There are different cross symbols from which tattoos of crosses emerged. Following are some of the cross patterns that formed the base for several cross tattoos:
The Latin CrossTattoos of Crosses 1 Know About Tattoos of Crosses
This cross symbol has a long vertical line that is intersected by a smaller horizontal line at about 1/3 of the way below the longer line. A wooden like appearance works great while incorporating this design into tattoo form.
The Cross of Triumph
Tattoos of Crosses 2 Know About Tattoos of Crosses Similar to Latin cross, it has an added circle to the base. The symbol is associated with the universal triumph of the Gospel across the globe. Tattoos of crosses of triumph are highly preferable because they are very captivating and meaningful too.
The 3-Step Cross
It depicts three steps added to a Latin cross. The three steps represent faith, hope and love. This particular pattern when transformed into tattoo art can have tremendous appeal.
The CrucifixTattoos of Crosses 3 Know About Tattoos of Crosses
Amongst all the tattoos of crosses, crucifixion tattoo is the most soul-stirring one. They are inspired from crucifix cross that display images of Christ’s crucifixion and death
The Crusader’s Cross
Similar to crucifix cross, this cross also signifies wounds that Christ suffered during crucifixion. However, it differs in pattern as it is comprised of five different crosses – each denoting different wounds of Christ.
The Celtic Cross
Tattoos of Crosses 4 Know About Tattoos of Crosses Celtic cross tattoo is one the most popular tattoo choices. It is inspired from a Celtic cross symbol that is also referred as the Cross of Iona.
St. Andrew’s Cross
It is represented in the shape of an “X”, with arms of equal length intersecting each other at the center. It has been creatively adopted in tattoo art work.
The Anchor Cross
It is one of the cross symbols that led to the emergence of similar patterns of tattoos of crosses in Egypt. These tattoo symbols are very popular amongst sailors and people engaged in maritime activities.

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