Saturday, August 13, 2011

.Traditional Yin Yang tattoos

Ying Yang tattoos are becoming increasingly popular these days. You see them everywhere. What do they stand for, and how do you choose the right one for you? The Ying Yang symbol is called Taijitu. The black side is the Ying, and the Ying Yang are opposites, as are everything else. All things have an opposite. But nothing is completely opposite, because it has a small amount of the other form somewhere inside. Hence the small circles in the design.

Another thing special about Ying and Yang, is one cannot survive without the other. As it is with life. There is no day without night, and there can be no light without darkness. Traditional Yin Yang tattoos are a circle, with two pieces fitting together like puzzles pieces. The two pieces are typically black and white, with a smaller circle of the colors, in opposing pieces.
Positioning of the Ying Yang is dependent on the person getting the tattoo. Some people choose to have the white, or lighter side on top. This is because in scientific terms, the light is energy, or heat, and heat rises. These tattoos are representative of so much spirituality.

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