Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hollywood celebrity Nicole Richie have a bow ankle tattoo design.

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Bow Ankle Tattoo
Bow Tattoos are mostly small in size but look pretty due to their stylish designs.  Choosing a tattoo that suits your personality as well as style and beauty sense is indeed the first step towards making a tattoo design desirable and unique tattoo design.
Women and girls have historically worn bows on their clothes and in their hair as a fashion statement. It is therefore a logical progression to have them tats designs on their bodies. From the tiny ones bow tattoos on ankle the prominent and oversized bows all look fabulous when placed to the best spots be it the forearm, wrist, the back of the legs or neck. Bow tattoos are use also for style statement as famous Hollywood celebrity Nicole Richie have a bow ankle tattoo design.
Women in particular want more stylish and pretty tattoos, and for this reason bow ankle tats designs have become increasingly popular. Bow ankles tats have long been associated with girls and women, but that not means that bow ankle tattoos are only for girls but bow ankle tattoos for men could also be used.

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