Thursday, August 18, 2011

Aquarius Tattoo

aquarius tattoo designThe eleventh sign of the zodiac is Aquarius.  It is commonly illustrated as a man pouring water from an urn.  While there are many variations in artwork, consistent among them is the out flowing of water.  Any illustration in this nature makes a spectacular foundation for Aquarius tattoo flash.
With tribal tattoos still immensely popular, the zodiac glyphs are oft made choices for tattoos.  They are simple yet powerfully able to convey meaning.  The Aquarius glyph looks like two parallel wavy lines, one above the other.  It is consistent with an image of water, and a commonly selected base for tattoo design.
Despite all of the water imagery, Aquarius is an air element sign.  It’s ruling planet is Uranus since its discovery, and Saturn before that.  The sign originates from the constellation Aquarius. 
Aquarius symbolism is rooted in Greek mythology.  Ganymede, a shepherd boy, was made immortal by the gods so that they could bring them nectar to drink from a cup.  It is believed that the pouring waters are those of spiritual knowledge.
Blues and greens are the colors you would want to include for deeper symbolic  imagery. 
Aquarians are resourceful survivalists, despite their delicate appearances.  They eagerly offer friendship and acceptance.  They are helpful and easy to trust.  Ever the independent, the tolerant Aquarius will no doubt be inventive and creative in their selection of the best tattoos-blog, and will be equally accepting of the choices made by others.  In fact with their natural tendency toward artistic self-expression they are more likely to settle on more ink than less.

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