Friday, August 12, 2011

popular Angel Tattoos

Angel Tattoos
Most of us would want to get an angel tattoo in order to let the people know who we really are. By getting this , we are letting the people know how angelic we are. Angels are already a part of our lives since our childhood days. They’re supernatural messengers of God. Angel designs are ideal for both men and women, although angel tats for women are more popular Angel Tattoos

For women, there are also several different styles available for them – angel wing tattoos, the guardian angels, archangels as well as cherubs.
Importance of Angel Tats
Most women would get this kind of tattoo because they find the design very beautiful. But the design actually signifies purity as well. For some, the tattoo is a symbol of their faith and religion and others would consider it as their guidance or protector. There are also some people who would consider the tattoo as a representation of someone who died, and it is their way of remembering the person. Whatever the reason for getting an angel tattoo, one thing is for sure, they just want only what is best in life.
Different Varieties if Angel Tats for Women
There are several different styles available for angel tattoos for women. They’re usually unique since each person has a different variation of the angel. There are the types of angel tattoos for women, as well as their importance.

Guardian Angel tats – This is the most famous of all angel designs for women, they’re considered protector of humanity especially during times of crises. They’re depicted in the form of a human watching over children. Usually, those who are very protective of their children, get this kind of tattoo.
Archangels – An archangel tattoo symbolizes the seven angels that stood before God during revelation, and most of them are also depicted in a form of a human, holding a big sword and their wings are spread out.
Cherubs – The cherubs are actually a representation of love. A classic example of a cherub is an image of a cupid holding a bow and an arrow piercing the heart. In order to make it more personalized, most cherub angel tattoos designed with the names of the person’s loved one.

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