Saturday, August 6, 2011

Most popular star tattoo ideas

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If you prefer more of a simplistic approach to your tattoo art , then you may want to consider obtain some form star tattoo art . This design offers a variety of different possibilities in terms of the location that the star tattoodesigns can be placed as well as the design of the art itself.
A popular location  for tattoo art is on the lower back, while a shooting star tat looks best on a hip or shoulder. A variety of different tattoo ideas  can be incorporated into a bunch of different variations and combinations, while thestar tattoo designs you choose may dictate the best placement on yourbody. Here are a few of the most popular star tattoo ideas so you can determine if one of these ideas may work best for you.
The Star of David, a six pointed star, is also a common option, and is used as a magical symbol for the Bronze period. Tattoo art that contains starswith seven points, known as a septagram, are used to represent the perfected man and is commonly placed inside of a square to represent the finite. This form is also commonly known as the vary star, or as a symbol of magic.Tattoo ideas that contain eight pointed stars hold religious meaning and are commonly known as the Star of Redemption or Regeneration and are usually used to represent baptism. Regardless of the type of star you choose, make sure to keep their meanings in mind when choosing the type of the star for your tattoo designs.

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