Friday, August 5, 2011

Mehndi Tattoos Designs For Girls

There are different Mehndi tattoo designs such as Celtic or tribal patterns. Mostly found in arm, shoulder, ankle or other common choices. Some young people prefer Mehndi tattoo designs because they are not yet ready to get a real tattoo but they attracted to the style. The pattern is painted on then paste and left to dry until it falls off naturally.  Some of it lasted for long but some faded soon and it all depends on the specific henna tattoo
Mehndi Art is also known as Mehndi tattoos. It was developed in India as a temporary body decoration. Mehndi was more likes a cosmetic that was used during special occasions such as weddings. The patterns are intricate and stunning and commonly found in the hands and feet.
Most of the artists use stencils but others draws intricate patterns and apply henna tattoos by hand. Henna is a natural powder used to dye the hair. Henna gradually fades over a period of days or weeks. Getting a temporary tattoo is inexpensive, painless but still looks real.

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