Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dragon Tattoo

Dragon Cross Tattoo
Dragon Tattoo
The dragon mix tattoo offers long-held a spot in Celtic tattoo background ever since the particular Vikings released the particular Fabulous creature to the Celts. Celtic dragons usually take the type of sea serpents together with wings, yet simply no legs. The Celtic Dragon cross tats depicts a dragon having its butt in their mouth, emblematic for your protected, sacred elliptical associated with existence.

When someone wears a dragon skin image it is supposed to attract these closer to the planets permanent magnet areas, as well as their own healing forces, drawing on the pureness of underground comes. The actual Priests thought your body from the dragon tats made up the actual qualities of the world, and in which the energy had been concentrated, has been holy ground, and they created stone temples or wats in the sacred types of sectors to be able to worship; Stonehenge is such a spot of power.
The dragon combination tattoos bears 2 potent symbols of the Celtic perception system; the dragon-one of power, knowledge, vision, as well as prediction, the adults of human being knowledge; the Celtic cross symbolizes the four aspects of nature around the points from the cross, planet, wind, fire, and drinking water, using the middle group, The constant circle regarding life. The dragon last longer than tats can be a potent emblem regarding safety, and advice from inside.
An logo of energy, the particular name was given through the Druid Merlin, to the child Full Arthur’s, Uther Headman, and is also the actual symbol continued the glasses as well as ad banners of the home associated with Uther Pendragon, as well as the Welsh National Flag.

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