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Celtic cross tattoo is a venerated symbol of the Celtic people

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There are many different ways of interpreting the original purpose of Celtic crosses. As the Celtic design tattoo, the owner allows him to take a personal meaning. Celtic cross tattoos evoke the spiritual vision of the universe. Cross refers to all four directions: north, south, east and west. You can also combine the four elements: air, earth, fire and water. Cross within the circle suggests a place where time and space cease to exist.
The cross as a Christian symbol appears in the fourth century, although it has a much more ancient pre-Christian origin. Despite his long reign as the symbol adopted by Christians, their meanings have not disappeared entirely prehistoric. Religious groups are often surprised to learn that recognizes their religious symbols in pagan rituals often early. The pagans saw the circle of the Celtic cross as a representative of the sun. They saw the sketches of the Celtic cross as communication between worlds and beyond.
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The cross word in English comes from the old Irish word crux. The Celtic cross has been thought a symbol of protection throughout the superstitious medieval Europe. They found solace in the idea that it would drive away evil spirits from the user. Cross continues to be respected in relation to religion protect the wearer.
Celtic monks of the early church practiced a simple lifestyle close to nature. St. Patrick used the Celtic Cross for the Druids to Christianity. Using a familiar sight for them, helped all the brighter. The Druids worshiped nature, and the missionaries are based on what the groups had in common to convert them.
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Celtic cross tattoos can represent your ethnic heritage. They are often worn as a decorative symbol of pride Irish descent, Scottish or Welsh. Scandinavians are also attracted by the Celtic cross. Nordic and Celtic art were exchanged between the different cultures in both trade and war. We have not found a book of magic code to explain all the meaning behind the creations of Celtic art. Celtic cross tattoos findings may be decided on its own.
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The Celtic cross tattoo is a venerated symbol of the Celtic people, whose origins in the British Isles. For about 400 years BC, the Celts used the Celtic cross tattoos to intimidate their enemies. Brilliant craftsmen and fierce warriors, the Celts gave many powerful armies their first taste of defeat. The complex patterns of bright tattoos have many meanings and symbolize the combination of pagan and Christian beliefs into a single unit.
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Even if the Celts did not leave extensive written history, have given an oral test that moved over the centuries, and is written in history proves that they were fighting for their tattoos. It is believed that the Celtic cross tattoo started around the same time they started working with metal and stone.
For thousands of years, people have looked in awe at a complex network of Celtic knots that form the tattoo of the cross, and responded whenever possible. With spirals and circles the complex web of Celtic cross tattoos, celtic knot defies explanation. The work of art in a Celtic cross tattoo is based on the explanation that druid has no end to life, so the Celtic knots have neither beginning nor end.
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Though Celtic cross tattoos reminiscent of the traditional Latin Christianity, the differences that separate. Celtic Cross is made of short beams, which are equal in length and consists of four points in the distance. Each point represents the natural elements, Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. Located in a crossing point circle, which represents the holy life, destined to last forever. This faith is a simple and elegant symbol of life and death in all of nature as an eternal movement / Celtic Knot symbolizes the adherence to the mental and the physical world.
Celtic Knot work found that a series of tattoos, there is no scientific, literal translation. The meaning of a position of spiritual beliefs and the designer, and the recipient. Celtic knots are interwoven with our physical and our spiritual beliefs that life is always intertwined with nature. They offer the beauty and complexity of the models that we investigate on a daily basis, and still find something new to watch. When other people added Celtic cross tattoo, which means more holy, and powerful, a person who has them on the skin.
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Celtic cross tattoos have a close resemblance to tribal tattoos, that the Christian cross, as well as symbolic meanings and go. As the bold patterns and dark geometric tribal tattoo, tattoo Celtic communicates a feeling, rather than a representation of an object that is physical.
Celtic cross tattoos work node requiring the artist to be an expert in Celtic designs, so that you can perform the delicate work to ensure policies are well-shaded, intermediate, and be sure not to touch so that lines do not bleed anymore.
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When done correctly, a Celtic cross tattoo is a thing of rare beauty and design. He may have the power of those who believe in the symbols of the nodes and points, and other traditional symbols like the Dragon and The Rowan Tree.

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